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Guess who came together to do more good?

Two of our favorites!!!

You’ll remember at the peak of the lockdown in April, The Bulb Africa™ and Comercio Partners took a never-to-be-forgotten step by funding legitimate causes in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, with Jibowu Food Drive and Feed the Kids Initiative.
Well, these two amazing companies recently synergized towards driving empowerment of the next generation through an initiative of The Bulb Africa™ – NextGen.

Designed to power young adults with the necessary coding skills that will set them apart in the technology space, Comercio Partners, ever the ally of youth, sponsored five of its clients’ children via scholarship to participate in the Summer Program.

Avale’s pride in this collaboration lies especially in its role as a social good platform bringing purpose-driven organizations together to further collective impact. And seeing its partners strategically preparing teenagers for the demands of a technology-focused future? – Icing on the cake.

Comercio Partners’ clients can feel rightly pleased in opportunities the company is giving its young ones. Leaders of tomorrow will remember the Investment Bank that made significant successes possible many years prior.

Thumbs up, guys!

Of course, we will continue to facilitate awesome opportunities to express goodwill. Corporates looking for ways to get on the goodwill train will find signing up on avale.africa fast-tracks bringing those desires to reality.