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At the very peak of the hunger and challenges being experienced especially by kids whose parents found it hard to work and provide necessary sustenance, Madiba Mart, a sister establishment to the very famous Kohinoor Lagos came through in a big way by providing soft-drinks to complement other corporate initiatives in the feed the kids campaign on Avale Africa.

Who remembers the “glorious” 90s where it was two-kids to one bottle of Coke? Lol. Well, our friendly neighborhood supermarket wasn’t having any of that and insisted every child was entitled to a full bottle of “mineral”.

Hey? Who were we to complain. The children couldn’t have been happier. The very things we take for granted – big deal to these little ones.

Thank you, Madiba! Not only did they give generous feedback at short notice, they also ensured everyone in the Ikate Lekki community had a safe shopping experience at the height of the pandemic.

Check them out at 72 Kusenla Road, Ikate Elegushi, Lekki, Lagos. Awesome, awesome people!