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Hunger is a powerful driving force. It either dulls the body into energy-saving lethargy, or sharpens one into acquiescent beings, like the people of Maroko, who, having come to depend on the daily meal from Lekki Food Bank through the lockdown, line up without being told, and ensure there is little disruption to the volunteer efforts that benefits them all.

The people in this vicinity, okada riders, domestics and laborers, have during the COVID-19 induced stay-at-home period, been unable to meet their most basic feeding needs as humans. Without daily takes from their already low-paying work, and with zero savings due again, to the nature of their subsistence, the challenges of the period particularly affected them. The respite from this source of support was daily demonstrated in their organization, even observing social distancing requirements to ensure quicker service and food distribution.

Every day, between 1,200 and 1,500 of the poorest people lined up on those queues, with prayers of affirmation and gratitude to the sponsors of the drive, they took a pack of freshly cooked rice, or semovita and soup, and made their way back home, hopeful for, but not guaranteed an encore the next day.

It was heartbreaking to observe.

But encouraging to see the efforts of volunteers like Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Banky-W, Dotun of Cool FM, and sponsors like Enov8 Solutions Limited, who contributed to the continuation of the program through financial mobilization for Lekki Food Bank on Avale Africa’s platform.