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To receive donations through a campaign on Avale, you will need the following:
  • A legitimate cause
  • Incorporation or other valid KYC/regulatory documentation
  • An Avale account
    • You can easily create an account with your e-mail.
  • A network of initial supporters to share your campaign with
  • An active bank account
To raise funds on Avale, follow these steps:

To promote your campaign requires using your share button, but we advise you complement this with active conversations about your campaign online and offline.

Avale supports select campaigns with digital marketing and targeted solicitations, because we believe every legitimate cause should get all the help within our means.

Prospective donors aren’t required to sign up or create an account on Avale to make a donation, unless they select the recurring donation option for their favorite Non-Profit.

Paystack helps us securely handle all payments. We trust them to effect necessary transfers and they were selected as our payment processing partners because they have the highest success rate in the industry.

Users are allowed to make a withdrawal request at the end of each campaign duration. However, exceptions can be made based on contingency and at the sole discretion of Avale. To make a withdrawal, click the “withdraw” button on your campaign dashboard and follow the instructions. Your withdrawal goes directly to the bank account provided during registration.

No. Avale only transfers funds raised in the name of an NGO to any account associated with the NGO. Avale will not transfer to a personal or corporate account. If the NGO documentation has any issues or any of the documents are incorrect, the funds would be withheld till the NGO provides accurate documentation.

Sign up and campaign creation is absolutely free. Avale only deducts a tiny fraction of donations raised to help fund marketing and promotional costs of beneficiary campaigns. This is done automatically in conjunction with our payments partner from funds raised.
Avale continues to adopt proven strategies for campaign success on its platform. Without a 4% processing fee, many campaigns would fall short of their targets.
Avale has deployed the highest recommended security and payment encryption technology. Not only are users safe, all raised funds are stored securely until your campaign has achieved its aim or crossed deadline. Drawdowns initiated are processed quickly and withdrawals are made via electronic bank transfer.
Yes. Avale adopts the highest information protection standards so you do not have to worry about misuse of your data. We require authentic information for both regulatory requirements and to protect users from potential risks.
While optional, Avale highly recommends you connect your social media accounts to make sharing your campaign with your circle easier.
At the moment, the Avale platform is open to Corporates and Non-Profits who have legitimate causes requiring exposure. These causes typically fall under recommended categories that include medical/health, education, charities, and community. 
Clarity of purpose, use of high-resolution images and videos, and a willingness to engage and update potential donors. Finding initial donors in your network through the share button has also been proven a great way to kick-start the success of your campaigns.