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Avale Story

If there’s any organization whose reputation precedes them, it’s Grooming Centre. They are ALWAYS doing something good for the community. Always.

“GC” or “Grooming” as they are fondly called, is the very popular Microfinance Institution with HQ in Ejigbo, Lagos State. Dedicated to mobilizing resources and promoting financial inclusion especially to the entrepreneurial poor through 600+ branches nationwide and 800,000+ members, Grooming is a relentless lifeline and generous community partner.

They are our “secret” case study in the optimal leveraging of CSR in connecting effectively with stakeholders.

Everyone who has crossed their path has something good to say, from beneficiaries of their scholarships, empowerment programs and capacity building, and facilities constructed, to clients, GC is unrelenting in following through on their belief that “BUSINESSES CANNOT BE SUCCESSFUL WHEN THE SOCIETY AROUND THEM FAILS.”

It is in this commitment to providing relief by partnering with NGOs addressing national issues bordering on emergency disaster relief, emergency rehabilitation, and community welfare, that Avale crossed paths in June.

The objective? Contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

Can anyone guess how much Grooming Centre donated to CBN led private sector Coalition Against COVID-19 (CACOVID), and the Lagos State Government??

Find out here: https://businessday.ng/sponsored/article/covid-19-grooming-centre-joins-corporate-donors-combating-pandemic/