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Avale Story

“Aunty Mary, the food don ready?”, one of the five little girls chimed, while tugging at the apron of smiling aunty Mary walking us to the improvised kitchen that caters to over 200 children of Aboki Estate every day.

This slum community, overlooked on all sides by modern residential high-rises in different stages of construction, hosts a multitude of low-income earners living in decrepit shanties.

Half the population consists very young children (1 -5 years), and from conversation with Blessing Chima, a teenage resident and outreach volunteer, some adults totter on the edge of desperation by contesting for food with the kids being fed.

It was a most timely intervention by Avale through Comercio’s sponsorship of the food drive. Being guaranteed a meal in their world, through The Destiny Trust’s continued concern, is a luxury that cannot be overstated.