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The scholarship scheme for the vulnerable kids of Ikorodu is organized for primary and secondary school kids. This is a yearly project that was initiated in 2010 to commemorate our 10th anniversary.

As part of our objectives, we emphasize uplifting and helping less privileged/vulnerable kids in our rural communities secure a better future by placing them on a scholarship to start and finish the foundational class of learning.

We aim to keep these vulnerable kids in school, not on the streets where they’re left for dead or enticed to criminality. We achieve this by providing their basic school needs such as uniform, school bags, school shoes/sandals, books, other writing materials, and cover their required school fees.

The Children Love Foundation, aims to promote the importance of having these kids educated, but needs continuous funding for impact.

A N500 every month from 10,000 people will go a long way in ensuring our program continues to keep children in school.

Thank you for supporting our cause and contributing your quota to building a reliable and sustainable social system.