avale stories

Thursday 23rd April was blazing hot. But not a single member of the outreach complained because the alternative of rain and thunder would’ve been counterproductive to the good work planned for the day.

As the logistics truck from Food Clique offloaded its cargo containing boxes and boxes of pre-packed foodstuff, residents from nearby streets started to mill around tentatively, curious to see what The Bulb had in the offing.

Rice, noodles, semovita and condiments were but a few of the contents of the food-boxes which facilitated by Avale, had been planned for the Tech Company’s neighbors in a bid to help them through the challenges being experienced during the lockdown.

The aged, the pregnant and even young children queued up to benefit from this opportune CSR, while the good men in the gathering spontaneously volunteered with crowd control. It was a demonstration of team work, selflessness and collectivism, similar to the motivation behind The Bulb’s intervention.

It was a good day.