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Following the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria and the subsequent announcement by the Federal Government for a 14day extension of the lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun states, Avale has carefully outlined a plan to support mitigating the upward curve of the pandemic by partnering NGOs, Corporates and Government with initiatives to provide support and relief to society’s most vulnerable during the lockdown period.

To this effect, Avale will support and facilitate donations to registered entities who fulfill through their operations, and and all of the below UN Response Initiative checklist:

– Deliver essential laboratory equipment to test for the virus, and medical supplies to treat people;
– Install handwashing stations in camps and settlements;
– Launch public information campaigns on how to protect yourself and others from the virus;
– Establish airbridges and hubs across Africa, Asia and Latin America to move humanitarian workers and supplies to where they are needed most.