about avale

Avale is Africa’s no. 1 goodwill synergy platform that combines seamless, secure technology with the African spirit of collective intervention, so that lives may be changed, one donation at a time.

Committed to community, Avale’s processes and principles are founded on global best practices and world-class partnerships, but it is the absolute focus on people that gives Avale the most pride and purpose.

The platform is designed and optimized for Corporates and Registered NGOs to champion causes in line with their focus. With the tools necessary to reach a wider audience of concerned volunteers awakened to the need for cooperation and collaboration in humanitarian activities, everyone on Avale is primed for the success and fulfillment that comes with efficient social and technology-fueled intermediation.

Avale looks to engage their audiences (donors, volunteers, campaign beneficiaries, initiators and publics) through access facilitation, relevant content, and real-time involvement.

Users can be sure to find Avale delivering on the following features:

  • Trusted source for real information, support and resources
  • Regular updates backed up by valid data
  • Usable resources to help user initiatives
  • Support on a marketing level
  • Community